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Unlisted companies get need based access to quality capital through equity and debt 



Investors get to participate in the growth of unlisted companies



A trusted advisor who brings experience, expertise & network to the company


What is GREX?

GREX is a private market platform, and its associated ecosystem, that helps companies access multiple financial products as they grow from Incubator to IPO.

GREX also fosters an ecosystem of intermediaries and other market participants, apart from companies and investors and regulates its own market. It is therefore able to provide a transparent information rich process driven technology platform for digital transactions in securities of unlisted companies.

GREX is leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology (aka. Blockchain) to create a digital capital market for private securities.  

Advantage Investors                                                                        

- Access to High-growth UNLISTED companies           
- Validated by Experts
- Enter & Exit investments with a click
- Managed Portfolios
- Co-invest with the best in industry
- Low ticket size
- Be part of the Next Big Thing

Benefit Companies                                                                        

- Get Visible & Get Productive
- Access to a large number of investors 
- On-demand Capital
- Complete managed services
- Get Right Valuation
- Fair Terms
- Easy Information Management
- Drive your company

An unbiased 3rd party financial mentor giving extra assurance to Investors and attracting them to our platform

 The 'Sponsor’ behind companies 

GREX Transaction Ecosystem

GREX Transaction Ecosystem

Information contained herein does not construe any offer of investment in Companies, or any kind of assistance, invitation or solicitation for the same, directly or indirectly, by GREX. Investment in unlisted companies have limited liquidity and involves high risk and hence Members, Participants and Users of this Platform are requested to exercise necessary caution and do their own independent diligence for any kind of investment decision. GREX is not a Stock Exchange and does not intend to get recognized as a stock exchange under Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act, 1956, as GREX does not enable any kind of trading and public issue of securities. All available content and information at GREX is legally privileged and restricted for any kind of distribution.

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